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Frequently Asked Questions

E-Courses are amazing…but they’re not for everyone. 

You’ll need a touch of self-discipline and time management to complete the course. You’re not going to have the accountability that you would have in the counseling office where a therapist sets a date and time for you to meet. This means that you must be disciplined on your own to get the most benefit from an e-course. 

But, if you have the necessary discipline, e-courses can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • You’ll save (lots of) money.
    Typically, my couples work with me for about a year and a half. At twice monthly sessions and $200 an hour, couples can pay over $7K before they wrap up. 

  • You’ll save time and energy.
    With traditional counseling, quite a bit of time can be lost in the actual session with going through the details of your last disagreement eating up precious time for actual work. E-courses provide you with the most meaningful tips and education so you can spend your time truly working on your connection.

Want to know even more of the benefits? Reach out to us and ask. 🙂

Decide where you need the most work. Is it your marriage or are there specific concerns about your intimacy?

If you find that you’re both feeling pretty disconnected from one another, you’ll want to focus on the marriage as a whole. For now, you can take our free communication course called, “Couple Connect.” Soon, we’ll be releasing our Marriage Improvement course.

If your marriage feels pretty strong buy your sexual relationship has been difficult or the source of your frustrations, you’ll want to take our intimacy course, “Becoming One.” That one is coming soon too and it’s going to be packed with helpful information!

Yes! She certainly does. 

But, she offers it on an extremely limited basis and only after you’ve worked through the course material. 

She fully believes that you are going to get extreme value from the course – far more than you can get from “just coaching” with her. But if you need more than the course, she’s happy to work with you so that you can put the skills you’re learning into action. 

When Dr. McCleese decided to offer e-courses, she interviewed people specifically trying to understand how people would like for the courses to operate. And, she considered her own schedule as well. 

All of us are busy! So, courses are set up to provide you with “bite-size” training. Videos are no longer than 30 minutes and most are around 15 minutes long. This means that you can listen to training sessions at your leisure and you’ll only need to commit a small amount of time to do so.

There are handouts, discussion points, and assignments within these lessons that will take more time but offer more benefit as well. You may choose to do some of them, all of them, or none of them. You have the flexibility to choose how often you’ll interact with the material. 

And, you’ll get lifetime access to the course (including all updates), so you really can take the course at your own pace.