Marriage and Intimacy Tips From a Christian Perspective

We know how important it is to have a marriage and sex life that is deeply fulfilling to you as a couple and God-honoring at the same time. We don't think you have to choose between a "professional course from a therapist" and a Biblically-based perspective. That's why we combine educational perspectives about human behavior and the social sciences while also proudly proclaiming God's word as the standard for a healthy marriage and sex life.

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As you can see, this site is fairly new. We're excited about offering courses about marriage, intimacy, talking to your kids about sex, and how to overcome sexual problems. Stay tuned for updates!


Couple Connect

Do you and your spouse have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye or you just keep having the same old argument again and again? If so, this short course is for you!

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Meet Our Founder!

Dr. Jessica McCleese — Founder & CEO.

Dr. Jessica is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in Virginia Beach. She’s also a certified Christian sex therapist (1 of less than 100 in practice), a certified sexual educator, and an adjunct professor at Regent University.

“I absolutely love the Lord and through all of my training, I can’t help but see how He not only has expectations for us, but He has answers. I’m happy to work with non-Christians and often have, but there’s just a level of healing that comes through Christ that cannot be compared to anything outside of Him.”

Counseling is expensive! It costs energy, time, and money that some people just don’t have to spend. While an e-course loses the specific person-to-person contact that counseling offers, the value that comes with an e-course surpasses what is lost. 

E-courses allow for a person to re-listen to difficult to apply concepts, to get the feedback of other e-course participants as well as the instructor, and to bounce around from one lesson to another to get the specific information that is needed when it is needed. Not only that, participants have immediate access at any time of day or night. All that is needed is a stable Internet connection.


If you want to have a meaningful relationship with your spouse, then I would highly recommend taking Dr. McCleese's course and applying what you discover. You'll gain practical tips and insights for improving your connection, intimacy, conflict resolution and so much more. Dr. McCleese shares a fresh perspective to topics very much needed today. With so many couples who seem to struggle with connection, it is vital to learn and apply the content shared here.
Chris Hulson
From Tulsa, USA
I appreciate Dr. McCleese as a psychologist and sex therapist with her ability to deal with marriages and enhance sexual intimacy. I recommend her as a place to heal and grow your relationship so you can experience all that you had hoped for when you first said, "I do."

Dr. Doug Rosenau
From Dallas, USA